Clan Chat Rules:

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Clan Chat Rules:

Post by AlwaysBotted on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:52 am

Clan Chat Rules:

1. Respect all players as if you are leaving tutorial island for the first time as you once did back in 2007. Moral treat those how you would want to be treated.

2. Using moderation, administration, or leadership status to demand something is not to be tolerated. Do you know how ridiculous we'd look if I were to respond to someone "Do you know who I am?" When the player talking to you can currently see your rank as a Gold or Silver star.

3. No flaming or flame baiting. "Flaming" is the action of attacking somebody with repeated offensive messages. "Flame baiting" is the action of provoking somebody to get into a fight, or repeatedly trying to annoy somebody.

4. Do not insult any players in the Clan Chat.

5. If you have been kicked from the Clan Chat, you should NOT rejoin on another account; doing so will result in further removal from the chat and added to the permanent ban list.

6. You want to Troll, you will be warned. You want to Troll again, you will be kicked. You want to Troll a third time, you will be banned.

Regarding Clan Chat Bans:

1. Breaking or disobeying any of the rules listed above could result in a temporary kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban.

2. Appeals can be processed if you have proof (picture) and a good reasoning for your appeal. Appeals can be made by messaging Slave Ruben (Ruben) *Current Administrators on the forums*




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