Our Mission Statement:

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Our Mission Statement:

Post by AlwaysBotted on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:51 am

About Leverage: We are a Level 3 and 10 HP Skilling Clan.

- Our Mission Statement:

"Leverage started with a group of individuals whose desire it was to create the friendliest and most supportive clan imaginable. As the minds of AlwaysBotted, and Dusty Miner came together, their thoughts on the perfect, ideal clan manifested into reality in October of 2016 as they are remaking the original Leverage.

The purpose we serve in the community is to provide a haven for skillers. Whether you're looking for a helping hand, or wish to yoke yourself among the kindest skillers in the RuneScape community, Leverage has a spot open for you. We strive to provide up most respect to ourselves and our peers, and pride ourselves on the knowledge we may impart to others if they so need.

Join us, and become a legend."


Clan Chat: Public Anyone can join and talk in the clan chat.
Clan Chat Name: Leverage
P2P Home World: 375
F2P Home World: 385
Current Clan Roster: 9
Teamspeak Server: N/A (Soon to Come)
Ask AlwaysBotted for password!

Combat accounts that are active are able for Smiley Rank!



RSN: AlwaysBotted |  Level 3 Skiller | 905 Overall Total | 8.6M Overall Exp


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